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Big Ro Williams

Rooselvelt Williams is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, producer, and drummer. He was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. Like many other musicians, he developed his love for music in the church. He began performing at 7 years old. He was greatly influenced by his mother, Brenda Williams, his uncle, Ronald Miller who played drums for Bill Pinkney as well as the original "Drifters," and his God brother, Sir Charles Jones.
Following college, Big Ro entered the world of Hip Hop. After some time, he reconnected with high school friend, Sir Charles Jones who convinced him to focus on Southern Soul music and join him on the road. Being on tour fueled the fire for Big Ro to emerge from he background and grab the spotlight.
Soon after going solo, Big Ro Williams completed his first project, a 5 song EP entitled "Good Love Muscle." All 5 songs were met with good reviews and received considerable airplay. In 2016, he released his first full length album entitled "Shothouse Music" which included several hit singles like "Good for the Ganda," "Hawg Status," & the #1 "Sexy Lady," The albums success provided substantial traction, a new fan base, tours, and awards. In 2018, Big Ro Williams became an Alabama Blues Award winner. 
A true entertainer with endless energy and enthusiasm, Big Ro has the ability to get any party started, the crowd dancing, and always leaves them wanting more. He has be dubbed the "Big Daddy of Southern Soul."
Although his popularity continually increases, he remains humble and more focused than ever.


The Big Daddy of Southern Soul

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