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Bo Ponder

Arthur ‘BO’ Ponder is one of world's finest entertainers. As a singer, songwriter and recording artist, Arthur has been involved in the Music Business for over 55 years. After Otis Redding started his solo career leaving the band, "Johnny Jenkins & the Pine Toppers" without a lead singer, Arthur at the age of 16 took over the lead role. He later became a recording artist and had a moderate hit record, “Dr. Strange Love”, under Phil Walden’s Capricorn label in 1969. Some of his other releases included; “My Love,” “Sexy Lady,” and “Baby I’m For Real.” Arthur also recorded as the Lead Singer for the group “Sideshow” that he formed in 1985.

In 1987 Arthur ‘Bo’ Ponder represented the city of Macon, Georgia during memorial ceremonies in the city of Madison, Wisconsin in the memory of the great Otis Redding. He and his band did all of Otis Redding’s music 
and received high recognition from the Governor of Wisconsin. After returning to Macon, he appeared on the talk show ‘Ebony Speaks’ to discuss the success of his trip. 
In January 1995, Arthur Ponder was included in the Archives of The Georgia Music Hall of Fame Museum. The exhibit contains photos and publicity material representing his life and career. In September 1995, the “Georgia Jubilee Festival” and the “Georgia Music Hall of Fame” sponsored “Do You Like Soul Music” Revue where Arthur appeared as one of its feature artists. In March 1996, Arthur Ponder opened for the Architect of Rock & Roll, Little Richard at the Grand Opening of the Georgia Music Hall of Fame. In March 2008 & 2010 Arthur ‘Bo’ Ponder was a headliner for the “Cherry Blossom Festival” held annually in Macon, Georgia.
In 2010, Arthur has started recording again and released a hit single, "Second Chance." In 2019 after nearly 56 years from the his start, Arthur "Bo" Ponder releases his latest hit "Midnight Lady" and still tours and performs soulfully.

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